Adapting to Changing Customer Expectations

In an article with CEO World Magazine, Coffee + Dunn's Senior Vice President of Advisory Services, Jeff Mikula, shares his knowledge on how delivering an exceptional customer experience can help companies keep up with customers rapidly changing expectations. Read...

Jeff Mikula
3 Steps You Need to Take to Start Omnichannel Marketing 

Omnichannel marketing is the newest evolution in modern marketing. While multichannel marketing delivers the same message across channels that matter most to your target audience, omnichannel marketing takes a broader, more dynamic approach. It orchestrates...

Omnichannel Marketing
Customer Engagement Means More Than Sales Automation

The rise of automated technology has transformed the relationship between sales and marketing. Content management systems; customer relationship management platforms; and automated sales, marketing, or customer service platforms offer the promise of improved...

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Federal Agency Automates Constituent Marketing

This federal government agency, made up of seven distinct bureaus, struggled with numerous silos within their operational structure.  Further the client was challenged with outdated software solutions that had become increasingly expensive to maintain and...