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From proven business consultants and project managers to former corporate marketers and business development leaders, our certified marketing, sales and service experts collaborate, plan and execute strategies to create personalized connected experiences for your customers. When you work with Coffee + Dunn, rest easy knowing that each member of your engagement team has access to 100+ years of combined experience in the areas that matter most to clients like you.


Microsoft-Certified Consultants + Architects

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Thomas Manders

Founder + Managing Director

With 25+ years of strategic consulting experience, Thomas serves as co-founder and leader of Coffee + Dunn. He is responsible for our strong continued relationship with Microsoft and ensures our team delivers success through high integrity and reliable service delivery of practical solutions for our clients.

Jeff Mikula

Senior Vice President, Advisory Services

A seasoned marketer with over two decades of marketing experience, Jeff is responsible for ensuring that our advisory products and services solve client go-to-market challenges, optimize marketing performance levels, and generate value across the customer experience.

Megan Clark

Director, Implementation Services

Leading our Delivery team, Megan’s proficiency in project management + marketing technology has helped clients translate their customers’ needs into solutions for over 15 years, connecting process to technology and achieving superior efficiency.

Susana Ramos

Director, Marketing Services

With 15+ years of marketing experience, Susana leads our Managed Services team, helping clients improve speed to value on their technological investments by connecting advisory/strategy needs to operational solutions that make a meaningful impact on their business.

Alex Greenbaum

Senior Solution Consultant

Dynamics 365 triple-certified with special concentration in marketing and Power Platform, Alex serves as a lead on technology implementation for clients in the non-profit, financial services, and retail + manufacturing spaces.

Andres Ramirez

Senior Solution Architect

A full stack developer with strong technical expertise in Power Platform, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MS SQL Server, C#, Azure Cloud and Power Automate, Andres helps clients integrate their ecosystem to ensure full visibility into the customer experience.

David Vargas

Senior Solution Architect

A digital marketer at heart, David leverages his triple certification in Dynamics 365 to architect tailored marketing solutions for clients in the higher education, retail/manufacturing, sports, and business services spaces.

Jackie Hunt

Senior Solution Consultant

Dynamics 365 triple-certified with a focus in marketing + Power Platform, Jackie flexes her problem-solving muscles working with clients in sports, energy, and business services to lead successful technology implementation programs.

Jessica Skinner

Digital Marketing Lead

Dynamics 365 double-certified with a keen eye for marketing automation, Jessica works with clients to design and orchestrate impactful marketing campaigns and optimize marketing operations for clients in the sports and manufacturing spaces.

Karoline Faradie

Consulting Manager

Triple-certified in Dynamics 365, Karoline has led successful technology implementation programs across several industries, with deep expertise in translating client needs into technical requirements that drive growth and optimize value.

Kirkland Schessler

Senior Solution Consultant

A seasoned consultant with a passion for training delivery, Kirkland’s experience in the education + non-profit space helps clients configure solutions that support their strategic roadmap and empower teams to build tool confidence.

Kristina Green

Marketing Automation Specialist

Dynamics 365 double-certified with strong experience in marketing automation, Kristina develops, executes and optimizes omnichannel campaigns that drive growth for clients in the sports and manufacturing spaces.

Paige Paradeis

Senior Solution Architect

With 15 years of marketing consulting experience, Paige is Dynamics 365 double-certified and specializes in technology implementation, training curriculum development and training delivery, providing a thoughtful and practical approach to her clients.

Serina Kwok

Senior Consultant

With 15+ years of Dynamics 365 experience spanning Sales (CRM), Marketing, and Customer Service, Serina is a Microsoft certified trainer who works with clients to develop streamlined processes and configure systems that solve their unique business challenges.

Tim Manders

Senior Data Analyst

With over two decades of data + analytics experience, including 10+ years in business intelligence, Tim is the lead architect of Power BI reports and dashboards, managing requirements and performing data validation, Tim’s adaptability brings a clients challenging project to fruition.

Tyler McClain

Senior Solution Consultant

Naturally curious with a passion for solving customer pain points, Tyler is triple-certified in Dynamics 365 and leads technology implementations for clients in the manufacturing, higher education, and business services spaces.

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