What We Do

Customer Engagement Means More Than Sales Automation

As the leading experts in Dynamics 365 Marketing and advanced marketing automation services and strategies, we love sharing our best practices to help clients make every customer interaction count, driving optimal lead conversion.

How We Help

Far too often, sales and marketing leaders look to technology to be the ultimate vehicle to drive revenue generation. However, technology only works if it’s in alignment with the strategic goals of the organization as a whole.


Our Proven Methodology

We approach every client with our proven methodology of Plan-Build-Run. Guiding you through the development and implementation of new go-to-market strategies, this foundation results in attributable marketing-led revenue.


We partner with you to assess and define marketing and sales alignment to deliver optimal end-to-end customer engagement. This process includes a comprehensive readiness audit that examines your current organizations, goals and processes to help assess your current abilities and strategies. After the audit, executive level workshops are held to help turn your goals into a strategic plan that will guide your teams to success. We then help to outline multi-channel and lead nurturing objectives and processes, define customers and create buyer personas, develop message mapping and content strategy, create lead scoring requirements to efficiently drive more sales-ready leads, and also define attribution models, KPIs and more.


Coffee & Dunn is one of the leading firms working alongside Microsoft ensuring the success of its customers utilizing Dynamics 365 Marketing. We begin the implementation process by understanding your technological capabilities, database correlation and contact database management. We then work to design and configure custom templates, journeys and associated tactics, as well as performance reports and engagement dashboards. We also help outline resources skills, roles and adoption, security guidelines and training objectives. Once implemented, we build pilot campaigns and run test cases to provide you with the most effective learning process so you can master the tool set and plan and run your own campaigns in the future. Along the way, we provide direct interface between you and Microsoft technology teams whenever necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Agency minded. Technologically sound. We bridge the gap between SIs and marketing agencies to optimize marketing performance. We’ll collaborate with your marketing and sales teams to design and run integrated campaigns that will scale your solution based on the status of your demand funnel, while avoiding the costs and time delays that are common to larger internal organizations. We also offer training and support from fixed-fee quick start training to on-going help desk and support and can create customized analytics for optimal ROI and performance.


With expertise across most verticals, Coffee & Dunn will dive into your industry market trends, challenges and opportunities. Offering industry expertise and knowledge from our extensive work, we will deliver solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition to achieve your business goals.

Business Services

From creating awareness about the services you offer to executing targeted messaging, your customer engagement must be seamless. Not only must the brand experience be distinct and consistent across touchpoints, strategy must align with the business model, the technology must align with the human experience; even the organizational structure must support every process. And it all must be able to turn on a dime.

Financial Services

Highly regulated, complicated, multi-step, expensive and often resented and mistrusted by the consumer. It’s difficult to think of a greater marketing challenge than financial services. The marketing systems that underpin the high-stakes verticals like lending, insurance and banking must be as stable as they are ready to shift with the competitive landscape. We can help with that.


Even with the best quality products, manufacturers are subject to the same marketing challenges as other verticals– but often, with much larger consequences of overproduction or commoditization. We help manufacturers develop strategies that target the right customers, drive sales and control costs.

Health Care & Life Sciences

When it comes to health and life sciences products and services, not only is safety and reliability top priority, but the purchase experience must also model the same high level of competence, discretion and care. And when you add in government regulations that restrict the use of personal information, data governance and human process are paramount. Coffee + Dunn has extensive experience designing, executing and managing programs to the highest standards for our health and life sciences clients.

Not-for-profit and Education

From not-for-profit agencies to higher education organizations, technology has revolutionized how we can communicate with one another. Students, parents, citizens, organizations and more want to be communicated to how and when they want. We have history understanding and evolving these types of communications and to ensure compliance and security.

Food, Beverage, & Hospitality

Fast-changing and ever evolving, the food and beverage industry requires dynamic and thoughtful go-to-maret strategies that must be quickly effective. We can help you target the best customers for your business with personalized messaging through a variety of channels to quickly convert prospects to loyal fans.


Supported Technologies

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Market Insights
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights
  • Power BI Platform
  • PowerApps

Technologies we help migrate to Dynamics 365 Marketing

  • Marketo
  • ClickDimensions
  • Act-On
  • WordPress
  • Hubspot
  • Pardot
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Others