What We Do

We help companies build connected experiences for every step of the journey.

Technology is only one part of the solution when it comes to driving business growth or pushing qualified leads further down the sales funnel. To find lasting success, brands need organizational alignment across all verticals and comprehensive plans in place to stay the course.

Enter Coffee + Dunn. Our Customer Engagement offerings enable the orchestration of strategy, technology and operations to create meaningful experiences for your customers at every stage of their buying journey.


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Our Services

We approach every client with our proven methodology of Plan-Build-Run. Guiding you through the development and implementation of new go-to-market strategies, this foundation results in attributable marketing-led revenue.


The journey to crafting purposeful interactions with your customers begins with the right strategy. From lifecycle mapping to omnichannel campaign design and technology transformation planning, our Advisory services enable you to build the strategic roadmap needed to ensure your technology and operations are working in support of your business goals. Learn More About Our Advisory Services »


From Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys, Sales, and Service implementations to data acquisition automation and governance modeling, our team of Microsoft-certified experts translate your business requirements into optimized technology solutions that provide full visibility into how your customers interact, purchase, and ultimately advocate for your company. Learn More About Our Technology Services »


Speed to value is always important when making technological investments. What happens when you don’t have the resources + expertise in house to deliver? Our Services team leverages your technology stack to orchestrate connected campaigns, provide team support + education, and improve internal processes that allow you to quickly realize a meaningful impact on your business. Learn More About Our Managed Services »

A 360-Degree View

Today’s customer-engagement landscape demands more sophisticated strategies, simplified processes, and a robust technology ecosystem to create more personalized experiences. It requires a new approach to the connectivity of data, technology, experiences, content, channels, and customer insights to drive better business results. 

That’s our specialty. Coffee + Dunn looks at your business goals and builds your roadmap through a comprehensive lens—with experts accounting for functional, technical, and industry perspectives. The output begins with an operational playbook that aligns your customer relationship technology and process efficiencies, data sets and insights, and personas and messaging, with a clear strategy aimed at improving business performance.

The end result is a dynamic brand that knows its audience and provides its advocates with exceptional experiences.

Who We Serve

With expertise across most verticals, Coffee + Dunn will dive into your industry market trends, challenges and opportunities. Offering industry expertise and knowledge from our extensive work, we will deliver solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition to achieve your business goals.

Business Services

Business Services
Your customer engagement must be seamless, and the brand experience must be distinct and consistent across touchpoints. Easier said than done: Agility, innovation, and efficiency are difficult to master when technology, competition, and workforce change so quickly. We specialize in developing comprehensive roadmaps for success that increase customer engagement, accelerate the sales cycle, and turn customers into advocates.


Even with the best products, manufacturers are subjected to the same challenges as other verticals — and often with much larger consequences of overproduction or commoditization. Coffee + Dunn works with general contracting, industrial, and consumer manufacturers to develop dynamic customer engagement strategies and tailor your technology ecosystem, enabling you to target the ideal customer, drive sales, and control costs.

Not-for-Profit and Education

Not-for-Profit and Education
Technology has revolutionized how people interact with one another in every environment. The right communication shouldn’t just relay an experience — it should create the ideal version of it. Students, parents, communities, and institutions expect personalized communication at specific times. By building connected experiences, we can satisfy those individualized needs while ensuring complete compliance and steadfast security.

Media, Sports + Entertainment

Media, Sports + Entertainment
Whether you are looking to boost ticket revenue in collegiate or professional sports or promote your a venue for the next concert, keeping up with trends is critical to maintaining relevancy. Emerging technologies and new consumer behaviors are constantly changing the landscape. We’ll work through these complex challenges with you, leveraging data analysis and modern sales and marketing tools.

Healthcare + Life Sciences

Healthcare + Life Sciences
Seamless digital experiences are not just a nice-to-have for healthcare organizations; they’re a must. Healthcare environments are changing, with the need for increased productivity and reduced costs that lead to improved outcomes more prevalent than ever. Coffee + Dunn has extensive experience designing, executing, and managing programs to the highest standards for our healthcare and life sciences clients.

Financial Services

Financial Services
It’s difficult to think of a greater marketing challenge than financial services. Luckily, Coffee + Dunn has developed a menu of solutions and best practices to mitigate industry issues. The marketing, sales, and service systems that underpin high-stakes verticals like lending, insurance, and banking must be stable and flexible enough to help you maintain an edge in this hyper-competitive landscape. That’s where we shine.

Some of the Savvy Companies We Help

Make. business. better.

Let’s talk about your goals and challenges. Our marketing, sales, and service experts can deliver personalized business and technical solutions that can drive growth for your business.