Why Coffee + Dunn

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect organizations to solutions and expertise that deliver effective customer-first engagement strategies. We know how important customer engagement is to driving growth and optimizing value, so we’ve built our business around helping your business succeed.

Only Coffee + Dunn:

Collaborates weekly with Microsoft’s product development teams

Creates Dynamics 365 product training content + technical bootcamps for Microsoft
Delivers proven methodology + best practices with Dynamics 365 Marketing, Sales, + Service
Demonstrates outcome-driven Dynamics 365 work across all industries
Brings established sales, marketing, + service alignment expertise inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

Partnering With Us

Technology is often seen as the ultimate driver of revenue generation, but it only works if it’s in alignment with the strategic goals of the whole organization.

Similarly, marketing is important, but it’s only part of the connected experience. Without a proper plan, you risk focusing on something other than the customer, resulting in higher operating costs, inefficiencies, and less purposeful interactions.

At Coffee + Dunn, we recognize this and assist you in making a strategic plan that factors in marketing, sales, and customer service and incorporates people, process, and technology. We’re more than a marketing partner or implementation company — our team knows what it takes to create the full, connected experience.


Client Success Stories

Let’s get this (partnership) started.

Building the ultimate connected experience can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover how our solutions can drive growth and optimize value for your business today.