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“Coffee + Dunn executed the scope of work flawlessly and on time. Their team became an extension of ours throughout the duration of our project. They have stellar project management skills, and provided the necessary training in order for us to launch confidently.”

—Michelle Woodside, Director of Marketing | AEI Consultants

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Customer expectations are evolving, which means you must redefine the future of sales, marketing, and service. But where do you start? As a trusted advisor with functional expertise, Coffee + Dunn can work with you to plan out your strategy.

Marketing, sales, and services must intersect so that you can orchestrate experiences across customer touchpoints. Improve campaign outcomes by utilizing our omnichannel campaign design and account-based marketing planning services.

For a smooth digital transformation, technology must fit into existing stacks and workflows. That’s why we offer technology transformation planning, technical architecture design, and technology consolidation and retirement planning.

Organizational alignment is the key to a successful digital transformation. Prepare to get everyone on board with our change management and adoption planning, organizational planning and resource modeling, and stakeholder alignment strategy.

Upgrade your system’s safety and security by taking advantages of our data governance model design, data audit and needs analysis, and data migration and acquisition planning.

We offer lead management framework design and lead scoring modeling to help you better evaluate and convert prospects.

Not sure how you’ll determine transformation progress or value? Let’s figure things out together with measurement definition and KPIs, value measurement design and visualization, and business case valuation.


We know what it takes to customize and integrate new technology into existing ecosystems. When partnering with Coffee + Dunn, you can be confident that we have a holistic view of how every strategy, tool, and team works together.

Looking to automate and integrate your sales and marketing functions? As a trusted Microsoft partner, we can handle the deployment, implementation, and support of Dynamics 365 CI -Journeys + Data, Sales, and Customer Service.

Building custom business applications can be complex, but we simplify the experience through Power Apps. We'll develop, build and integrate your custom application, leveraging data from applications like Dynamics 365 to optimize your customers' connected experiences.

Moving data from one system to another might seem simple, but mistakes can create inaccuracies and redundancies. Get the job done right by relying on Coffee + Dunn’s expertise.

You want to ensure that data is used for its intended purpose and handled according to your policies and procedures. Coffee + Dunn can map out your information system and adjust accordingly.


Once the plan is in place and the technology is implemented, organizations still need to optimize sales and marketing performance. We partner with you through the entire journey, collaborating with your teams to execute, educate, and offer support.

Let us take charge of your digital transformation with change management execution and operations and process improvements.

Generate more leads by creating blog, gated, and sales enablement content with Coffee + Dunn.

We understand that transformation isn’t easy. Luckily, you don’t have to have all the answers: We offer staff augmentation and Dynamics 365 customer engagement tech support.

What do your teams need to do their jobs in the wake of transformation? Coffee + Dunn can provide you with marketing and sales templates, forms, and asset assessments.

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