Our Approach

Plan > Build > Run:

Where Strategy Meets Technology + Operations

Plan. Build. Run. How can three simple verbs have such an enormous effect on creating connected customer experiences that drive business growth and inspire brand loyalty? Those three verbs underpin the Coffee + Dunn approach, which has been refined continuously over the years to the successful version it is today.


Our Proven Methodology

We approach every client with our proven methodology of Plan > Build > Run. Guiding you through the planning, buildout and execution of go-to-market strategies, this foundation results in connected experiences that drive growth and optimize value.


We begin with a diagnostic assessment that helps to understand the people, process and technology in place today to deliver genuine end-to-end customer engagement. Following this collaborative readiness audit, executive-level workshops are held to modify your processes and turn your goals into a strategic plan that will lead your teams to sustainable success. From developing message mapping and content strategy to creating lead-scoring requirements and efficiently driving more sales-ready leads, nothing escapes our attention to detail. Everything starts with a proper plan.


Once an agreed-upon plan is in place, we get to work building a comprehensive strategy that marries the business goals with the technology needed to reach those departmental milestones—sales, service, you name it. But the tools we implement won’t have the desired effects unless they are expertly customized and integrated into the greater technical ecosystem. This is where Coffee + Dunn’s unmatched expertise provides a key differentiator against lesser-accomplished competitors, as we are able to build the processes required to effectively maintain and govern those implementations. It’s why we’re one of the leading firms working alongside Microsoft for over a decade to ensure the success of its customers utilizing Dynamics 365 products.


The work isn’t done once the plan is in place and the technology has been built. Coffee + Dunn bridges the gap between software implementation and marketing agencies to optimize marketing performance and drive business growth. As an extension of your team, we execute integrated campaigns that scale your solution based on the status of your demand funnel, all while avoiding the costs and time delays that are common to larger internal organizations. We offer industry-leading training and support and create customized analytics for optimal ROI and performance.

The Coffee + Dunn Difference

We don't just solve problems. We anticipate them.

Our team solves for the right thing and avoids pitfalls by looking at your challenges through a 360-degree view that accounts for functional, technical, and industry perspectives. Learn more about the advisory, technology, and managed services we provide.

We don’t just do projects. We do partnerships.

We meet you where you’re at, deeply learn your business, and positively challenge you so we can collaboratively build a roadmap toward your business goals. 

We don’t just trust Microsoft. They trust us, too.

As a Microsoft Partner of the Year finalist, our decade-long partnership allows us to directly influence the product roadmap and ensure you receive a future-proof solution. We also create product training + content and conduct technical bootcamps for Microsoft.

Better Together

Sales and Marketing. IT and the Business. Coffee + Dunn and our clients. The best results are born from true collaboration. A mutually beneficial relationship that can begin over a simple cup of coffee, even if that’s virtual, followed by rolling up our sleeves and getting things ”dunn.” From best practices guidance to employing leading technologies, we work with you to achieve a common goal – delivering solutions + expertise that help you create meaningful connected experiences with your customers when and where it matters most.


Building trust is bigger than tactics. It’s being committed, reliable, transparent, accessible and respectful.

Clear Communications

Effective communications are the key to any business relationship. We ensure there is a clear and consistent understanding and agreement to goals, requirements, timelines and more.

Delivered Excellence

Done right, your strategic plan becomes a Center of Excellence that ensures marketing, sales and service are all aligned.


By aligning your go-to-market strategy to key metrics and customer success we increase the speed-to-market and focus the team.


We ensure strategies are delivered to help balance short-term impact with sustainable results and innovation for the future.


Deliver the right expertise to solve for your challenges and improve results.

It’s About More Than Software Implementation

Technology is only as good as the strategy and process developed to support it. Our approach to planning, building and executing unforgettable connected experiences for customers starts with meticulously aligning your strategy, technology and operations—and it never ends. Using connected organizational strategies, technology implementation and developing personalized engagement opportunities in tandem with best-in-class performance attribution and analytics allows you to connect the right customers to the right message at the right time.

Ready to put our approach to the test?

Speak with one of our team members on how Plan > Build > Run can drive success for your organization.

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