Connected Experiences that Fuel Growth

Let’s transform your customer engagement game together.

What We Do

We help organizations leverage technology to solve their most pressing customer engagement challenges.

Whether it’s a lack of a strategic plan, ensuring you have the right technology + data in place, or even the resources needed to orchestrate the right campaign, our certified marketing, sales, and service experts deliver tailored strategies and actionable plans that enable you to build a fully connected experience for your customers.

From customer lifecycle mapping, to Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology implementation, to demand generation campaign execution and more, we’ll work to help reach your goals no matter where you are on your maturity journey.

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How We Help

Let’s turn the art of the possible into reality.

No one knows your brand better than you. This means that you’re the expert in establishing your growth strategies. It also means you’re acutely aware of the challenges facing your organization today.

Coffee + Dunn looks at those challenges through a 360-degree view that accounts for functional, technical, and industry perspectives. Our comprehensive suite of advisory, technology, and operations solutions enables organizations to create personalized, seamless interactions, nurture leads, and drive conversions effectively.

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The Coffee + Dunn Approach

Technology is only as good as the people and process that support it. In order to positively affect your bottom line, we utilize a holistic approach that allows us to collaboratively plan, build and execute on your business goals.

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Develop the right strategy that aligns your business goals with technology requirements and campaign efforts that feed your bottom line, not drain it.


Apply best practices to evaluate, select and implement technology solutions that help you grow on your maturity journey to a fully connected experience for your customers.


Serve as an extension of your team to optimize technology with powerful campaign orchestration, empowering users on how best to leverage insights to continually achieve their goals.

Where are you on the journey to building connected experiences?

Whether you are building the foundational blocks of your marketing + sales plan or well on your way to a multi-moment, data-driven customer engagement and ready to power with the right AI, we’ll meet you where you’re at on your journey. 

A Modern Connected Experience

Success Story: Northrop & Johnson

When Northrop & Johnson, a premier global yacht brokerage approached us, they were looking to modernize their marketing technology to gain valuable customer insights that would improve targeting, deliver personalized customer experiences and increase marketing ROI. Coffee + Dunn delivered all three.

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Northrop & Johnson

Premier yacht brokerage cruises into smarter marketing and boosts sales by 70 percent with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys.