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What You Need To Know About GDPR

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GDPR went into effect on May 25, 2018, but questions are still abound. If you’re currently marketing to EU residents or hope to in the future, it’s important to ensure compliance with this legislation.

Many GDPR resource centers cover in depth the information you need to know, but there are three core factors to consider: what updates you need to make to your privacy policies, what permissions you need from contacts/leads in order to market to them, what type of data you need to keep and much more.

Here’s the basics:

1. You need active permission for each marketing channel before you are allowed to send marketing materials to a contact/lead. This means you must have specific email marketing permission to send an email to any EU resident.

2. The contact/lead must have agreed to your privacy policy and terms of use. Your privacy policy must be clear on what data is captured, how it is used, and much more. This means you will need to have a checkbox such as “I have read and agree to the terms of your privacy policy” on every web form.

3. Website visitors must be made aware that you are tracking their behavior. Dynamics 365 and most other marketing software providers have updated their tracking script to provide a pop-up to meet the new regulations.

If you have any further questions or would like a team of experienced marketing experts to develop a plan and implement changes to comply with GDPR, contact us today.

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