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Filling The Digital Gap

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Marketing + Technology = Transformation

There’s a hole in the capabilities of many organizations. It’s the function that combines marketing know-how with technology expertise. Whether these capabilities are possessed by one person or a team, organizations that have filled this gap have discovered a powerful combination with the potential to transform a marketing organization from a state of struggle—to one of dominance.

It’s clearer than ever to marketing leaders that the demands of today’s complex digital environment require technology. Automation is key to navigating the complexity of channel proliferation, Big Data, competitive pressure and budget constraints—and the need to prove value.

These leaders are also realizing that the level of success they’re looking for requires skill sets not traditionally found in the marketing suite. Operational- and technical-oriented talent is now a team must-have.

The concept behind this hybrid profession, Marketing Technology (or MarTech), is relatively new, spurred by an explosion of available technology. Today there are more than 2,000 marketing applications to choose from: just four years ago, there were about 100 on the market. Assessing and selecting technology that advances marketing strategy is a crucial function involving marketing, IT—and marketing technology professionals who understand both worlds.