Success Stories

Preserving customer trust through Dynamics Customer Insight + Customer Voice

Success Stories

Rush EnterpriseSolution alignment allows Rush Enterprises to enhance customer retention through personalization and accelerated system adoption 

Effective solution alignment is pivotal in enhancing customer retention, and Rush has exemplified this through their strategic approach. By aligning their systems and processes, Rush has been able to leverage the full potential of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys, transforming previous challenges into opportunities for growth. 

The Challenge

Increase customer retention efforts without overextending resource bandwidth. A previously unsuccessful implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys caused many hurdles for the marketing team—static, single-use segmentation, manual campaign execution, and limited system adoption—resulting in impaired speed to value and limited visibility into customer sentiment.


The Goal

Remediate existing solution configuration to align with business goals and develop optimized marketing assets. Implement survey functionality with centralized insights and NPS triggered notifications to execute next best action.


The Solution

  • 01 Solution Optimization + Best Practice Education: Implement marketing best practices to leverage marketing insights, driving dynamic segmentation while establishing a technology foundation.
  • 02 Campaign Adoption + Execution: Align retention strategy with customer engagement to develop an end-to-end marketing campaign, leveraging real time marketing journeys and survey functionality to measure customer sentiment.
  • 03 Training + Application Support: Best-in-class administrative support including maintenance, training, education, and knowledge transfer to leverage visibility into marketing performance


The Results

Within just 30 days post go-live, the organization experienced a 10x increase in campaign execution. In addition to the surge in campaign execution, there was a 3.5x increase in survey engagement compared to the previous year. This increase highlights the enhanced connection with customers and the effectiveness of the new strategies.

Our 4.6/5 approval rating from survey respondents validated our customer retention strategy, giving purpose to our Account Sales team’s efforts. Coffee + Dunn made capturing that data possible.” – Senior Marketing Leader, Rush Enterprises