Success Stories

Northrop & Johnson Sees Increased Marketing Insights From On Brand, Segmented Newsletter Send

Success Stories

A luxury yacht company, Northrop & Johnson had been using a standalone email marketing tool to communicate with its prospects and clients, but was not able to do more than just sending one-off emails. The firm was not able to see interactions with prospects and customers in its entirety. The marketing team sought a more integrated, automated email marketing tool that allowed them to oversee and measure their marketing efforts and results. With the launch of the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the company decided to move onto the platform with support from the Coffee + Dunn team with their proven marketing expertise and experiences.


Coffee + Dunn was first tasked to assist with the monthly newsletter. Northrop & Johnson releases a newsletter each month through its email marketing tool; however, it did not have any visibility of the results in-depth. Northrop & Johnson wanted to track and measure the performance of all the components of the newsletter, but most importantly, they wanted behavior to be tied to their contact records in CRM and be able to see the website activity and follow-up behavior that this email triggered.


Northrop & Johnson and Coffee + Dunn collaborated to create an on-brand newsletter in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. As this was one of their first initiatives for Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Northrop & Johnson and Coffee + Dunn worked together and created their newsletter segment (marketing list) to send to all targets who were opted-in for newsletters.    Once the segment and email were created, Coffee + Dunn assisted in building and executing a customer journey to send out newsletters. Through the customer journey and email marketing Insights, Northrop & Johnson observed the performance of the email marketing. The company was able to reference the results to improve its next newsletter.


After the initial newsletter send, Northrop & Johnson analyzed the performance of the newsletter email and improved the segment and design of its following newsletter. These improvements led to a notably higher open rate of 29% and click rate of 5%, both significantly higher than the average of the newsletters in the past as well as the average of other marketing emails. Northrop & Johnson can see the full insights of the marketing email and each contact’s journey through the emails, website visits, and more. With the help of the new solution and Coffee + Dunn, Northrop & Johnson will continue to develop and improve their segments, email marketing strategies and templates.