An international equipment manufacturer for food and non-food industries had implemented ClickDimensions, but was not utilizing its functionality to the fullest. Operating as a mid-sized international marketing team, they needed to expand their current utilization of the tool, and refine strategies for email marketing and deploy campaign automation. The manufacturers’ team had made strides in fostering more strategic marketing decisions and knew their marketing goals, but were unsure of how to do so via an automation platform.  Coffee + Dunn was asked to assist the team based on our proven marketing expertise and vast experiences.


Coffee + Dunn was asked to help evaluate the client’s current setup of ClickDimensions and provide recommendations of potential growth areas.  Full marketing collaboration was required for all business process decisions, as the client’s marketing team is spread internationally.  Due to the timing of the implementation, the organization faced concerns over GDPR regulations and how best to ensure opt ins for their European customers.  Annually, the marketing team hosts/attends several events (i.e., tradeshows, seminars, company sponsored events, etc.), which prompted unnecessary manual marketing efforts and inefficiencies in overhead costs.  The international manufacturer had used marketing software tools in the passed, but needed to develop longevity in building a sustainable lead to opportunity process via their new automation tool, ClickDimensions.


Coffee + Dunn formulated a future state vision and priorities proposal through a current business model and a customer engagement strategy analysis. These analyses laid the foundation for providing a detailed work plan and blueprint refining as well as enhancing their current strategies and implementing new areas of the system, to achieve milestones right away.  Coffee + Dunn’s first objective was to help with the organization of segmented, international emails.  When the company needed to announce a new cooperative partnership, we were able to design and execute emails in multiple languages and versions in a matter of days. We facilitated the design and execution to the targeted audiences based on advanced marketing list management. Subscription management and customer information centers were designed and implemented to entice customers to stay engaged while providing the client with information to help serve the best marketing collateral, to their customers, in the future.

Coffee + Dunn assisted in the development of an advanced web to opportunity business process flow utilizing the key functionality of ClickDimensions automation tool such as lead intake, lead assignment, email sends, sales collaboration and conversions documentation.

Coffee + Dunn provided the team with guidance on GDPR protocol for email marketing and collaboratively created a marketing strategy to follow. Finally, the team put the strategy to work, by designing, testing and executing a best in class approach to handle the new GDPR requirements.

Prior to ClickDimensions marketing automation software, the development and execution of the event compromised many hours of manual work for the marketing team. Coffee + Dunn was able to articulate and facilitate in the design of a new process as well as the implementation for an event automation.


After successfully executing the segmented cooperative email and getting basics in place, Coffee + Dunn began to work on more strategic objectives. Coffee + Dunn streamlined marketing processes and created advanced event automations utilizing ClickDimensions’ functionalities to the fullest. Through advancements with event automations, the manufacturer is able to process interested contacts efficiently.  Coffee + Dunn designed advanced training for the marketing team based on their prior knowledge, their environment and how tech savvy they were with the tool, which was beyond what has been required from other clients. The manufacturer has begun working on more advanced marketing strategies, whereby making smarter decisions based on the real-time visibility into results of their marketing efforts. These results help increase awareness of marketing engagement and allow for sales insight. Coffee + Dunn will continue to guide and assist the manufacturer to further expand on nurture campaigns, build out social capabilities within the tool, assess and implement lead scoring by way of collaboration with sales and IT, and lastly, enhance reporting capabilities for more strategic business decisions with the vigor of PowerBI.

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