A manufacturing company that designs and builds specialized conveyer belt equipment was interested in deploying ClickDimensions to improve their marketing efforts to their existing customer base. The company’s marketing activities centered around a handful of large-scale campaigns along with several tradeshows each year. They wanted to be able to effectively promote their products and support services as well as deliver pre-event, day of, and post-event communications.


The client needed an all-in-one solution to handle lead acquisition, marketing execution, and GDPR compliance.

Sales and marketing needed visibility into each other’s day-to-day activities in order to cohesively engage with their customers. They wanted to utilize the account and contact information they already had so they needed to be able to migrate data from a solution they were retiring. They also wanted to be able to display data from their POS system in Dynamics so they could personalize their email communications.


The company was in the process of deploying Dynamics for Customer Engagement in parallel with ClickDimensions. During the ClickDimensions implementation, the Coffee + Dunn team worked with the client to determine requirements from both marketing and sales perspectives. They worked closely with the Dynamics Customer Engagement partner to ensure integration points met both group’s needs.

The Coffee + Dunn team created custom email templates, website forms, web tracking scripts, subscription centers, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Prior to switching to ClickDimensions, the client had a very manual approach to tradeshow and event communications. The Coffee + Dunn team was able to utilize a best practice approach and implement automated campaigns to streamline the client’s tradeshow communications.


Coffee + Dunn provided system expertise and marketing guidance to help the client define better business practices around customer engagement.

Coffee + Dunn modernized the client’s intake process to acquire new leads and showed them how campaign automation can more effectively nurture their customers through their sales cycles. The solution will enable the company to analyze their marketing and sales activities on a real-time basis.

The ClickDimensions implementation strategically aligned both sales and marketing, which will greatly improve ROI and year-over-year growth.

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