A heavy equipment dealer and supplier needed to implement a marketing automation solution allowing them to be proactive in getting in front of their current and prospective customers.  A mid-west region-based company, has various customers with diverse sales and product life cycles.  Recently, the organization had implemented Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and were ready to start integrating their marketing into a single platform. Additionally, through an integrated system, the marketing team focused on enhancing their communication with sales regarding marketing efforts.


Understanding for sales and marketing to maintain their relationship and keep alignment, the sales team needed visibility into marketing efforts.  A 360-degree view would be accomplished through a successful implementation of an integrated marketing automation tool, such as ClickDimensions.

Additionally, they were in the process of developing a new website for both themselves and their subsidiary.  Through the deployment of the website, they desired an integrated approach with forms using their existing advanced form builder, gravity forms.  Their product and sales life cycles varied from equipment to service to parts and they needed an automation tool to handle these many varied situations.


Coffee + Dunn was tasked to lead the ClickDimensions implementation and facilitate in defining their marketing strategies around data intake and processes to execute efficient marketing initiatives based on the real-time data.  Coffee + Dunn formulated a future state vision and priorities strategy as well as a plan to refine and enhance current business processes and implement new areas of the system. Therefore, the team performed a rapid analysis of their business model and customer engagement method designed within ClickDimensions and delivered a detailed work plan.  Once the plan was approved, the team got to work.  We began working to design a solution and implement new processes to achieve desired results.

Coffee + Dunn was asked to implement ClickDimensions using features such as email marketing, web forms integrated with gravity forms and subscription management.  We were able to design and build campaign automations set forth for their diverse sales cycles of short, medium and long term.  In addition, we identified ways to improve their Lease Renewal process allowing a reduction in manual effort through an automated approach.

Collectively, we prioritized lead intake processes via gravity forms to ensure on-time deployment with the new website launching.  With these new forms, we were able to improve upon their current reporting and include source tracking for campaign management and interaction data.

We spent time reviewing their data model to ensure leads and/or contacts imported to the system would be appropriately identified based on stated preferences. They developed a subscription-based preference for their leads and contacts, whereby allowing them to manage their emails by giving options on what they subscribe to.


The client now has an integrated marketing automation tool, ClickDimensions, providing a 360-view for sales and marketing efforts.  Streamlining their lead intake process to automatically bring new leads into Dynamics, allowing for them to analyze their marketing and sales funnel on a real-time basis. As they expand their marketing efforts, they are able to analyze and synthensis, providing measurable results to communicate to the sales team. The new results help them formulate strategic plans for year over year and campaign over campaign growth, as they progress through their Dynamics implementation.

The marketing team was trained on building content in hopes to be more inventive and identify processes to target potential customers across multiple channels.  Now, they have the fundamentals of an integrated marketing automation solution in place.  As they continue improving processes and automating what used to be manual efforts such as expanding their gravity forms utilization, automating lease renewal strategies and more, we feel they are well poised for future growth. Going forward, they will be working to maintain a clean data source for their leads and contacts in Dynamics through advanced matching and mapping strategies set forth.

Lastly, along with a clear vision to move forward and augment their current product features such as social, advanced reporting with PowerBI and lead scoring, we feel strongly about the success we were selected to be a part of.

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