How A Government Agency Implemented Clickdimensions As Its Primary Recruitment Tool

Jan 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

A government run volunteer agency sought a cost effective, commercially available, cloud-based tool to efficiently and professionally support its national recruitment teams by fostering its ongoing marketing efforts and reporting platforms.

The agency selected ClickDimensions as the solution to fit their needs.  Coffee + Dunn partnered with Infostrat to lead the implementation of ClickDimensions.  The agency’s unique business process underpins its ability to generate large volumes of leads supplying recruiters with almost 23,000 applicants for an estimated 3,000 jobs per year.  Prior to introducing potential applicants (leads) to the system, recruiters put various marketing efforts to gather information on the leads via events, workshops, forms, landing pages, direct communications, etc. To accomplish, the recruiters required the following ClickDimensions features to be implemented:

Email Marketing

The agency sought a centralized and formalized email marketing system across offices to better manage and generate the unified look and feel of the email marketing messages. They also required comprehensive reporting on email marketing activities.

For the solution, Coffee + Dunn crafted email designs and built digital asset repositories from existing systems to provide a consistent email send strategy. All the awhile adhering to the internal structure of the agency’s evolving CMS tool.

Pictured to the right are representative of ClickDimensions Out-Of-Box statistics highlighting the overall performance of an email sent post implementation. In this example, the email was sent out to nearly 125,000 recipients. The open rate was 32% (8% above the industry standard) and the click rate was 6% (3% above the industry standard).

Web Forms

Prior to ClickDimensions, the agency had numerous forms from disparate systems to source leads including Contact Us, More Information, Event Registration, and Event Attendance/Check-In. All the forms from various platforms were replaced with the ClickDimensions forms, allowing the recruiters to produce their web contents within a single system and generate more standardized and centralized statistics on lead performance.

Event Management

The agency hosts 8,500 events per year, which is their main source of leads. Typically, recruiters are not in their offices in front of a computer and often go offline to engage with potential and/or existing leads. In consequence, they require a mobile-enabled platform to manage all aspects of recruitment and outreach campaigns and events. In addition to the Out-Of-Box ClickDimensions solution, the agency was able to utilize natural integrations with WebEx, enabling consistent and consolidated event management both off and online.

Lead Management

The agency required a unified lead management system to track and monitor the full lead management life cycle across offices nationally. With ClickDimensions, recruiters can collect precise data for each lead via web forms and form fields, assign them based on school, state, or city, and easily segment and qualify them for the appropriate job openings. Engaging and communicating with potential applicants (leads) became more seamless through segmentation of leads and monitoring lead status within the recruitment and outreach process.

Campaign Automation

Using ClickDimensions, the agency developed automated nurture campaigns to add leads through the segmented email marketing and web content series. Based on the assigned recruiters and sources, leads were added through dedicated segmented paths based on the lead interaction and information (responses) provided throughout the nurture campaign. Streamlining their business processes and allowing the tool to manage the heavy manual workload without recruiters having to send individual emails and contents to each lead at the appropriate lead stage and time, recruiters could simply monitor each lead moving through the campaign automation and manage each lead as desired, allowing them to spend more time vetting truly engaged leads.


The agency required web and mobile enabled dashboards to collect and view data acquired by different areas of the ClickDimensions entities. The ClickDimensions reporting functionality works in conjunction with Dynamics CRM dashboards, advanced finds, and charts, providing the comprehensive reporting on all marketing and outreach activities.  All of which is providing analytics throughout the full lead management life cycle. Moreover, recruiters can generate marketing reports and measure their efforts real time through the Out-Of-Box statistics for email marketing, forms, and surveys and learn what performed best.

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