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Exciting New Features For Dynamics 365 For Marketing In The Latest Monthly Update!

Apr 10, 2019 | Blog, Dynamics 365 Marketing Releases & Updates

Microsoft has been busy making improvements to Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Here are our favorite enhancements from the March update.

Personalized Marketing Page Content

Marketers love when they can personalize their marketing content. Personalization helps companies stand out from the crowd with unique content that leaves a lasting impression. This latest update enhances the personalization features already found in the system. Just how you can greet contacts and leads by their first name in your email messages, you can now add that level of personalization to your marketing pages.

That means when a customer visits a specific marketing page on your company’s website, they can now be greeted with their first name upon arriving to the page. You can also now modify the page layouts to display photos or contact details specific to a certain customer. If the contact has a related company attached to their Dynamics 365 record, you can even show the customer’s company logo! How cool is that?

Improved Segment Designer Makes It Easier to Add Contacts to Your Customer Journeys

In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can set up logical expressions to build a dynamic segment to target a specific group of contacts in your marketing initiatives. Oftentimes, this information is brought in from other entities (such as accounts or events) rather than contacts. Since everything must tie back to a contact, you have to create the data relationship between the entity and contact. In previous versions of the solution, the process of selecting the right data relationship was cumbersome and not overly intuitive.

Microsoft acknowledged this challenge and replaced those long cryptic expressions with more intuitive names, making it much easier to create data relationships. Additionally, it is now possible for users to add or remove members in a static segment while the segment is live, and the changes are applied immediately upon hitting the save button.

Other New Features

The March update also brought improved inbox previews for marketing email messages, enhanced dynamic content features for marketing emails, and the addition of being able to post to your company’s Facebook business page directly from Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

So What’s Next?

Seeing the enhancements from the March update, we are really looking forward to what the next major release has in store for Dynamics 365 for Marketing, which should roll out to US users at the end of this month. In the meantime, the March updates are currently available on any trial, test, or sandbox environment now, so you can check those out anytime.

To learn about these updates in more detail, click here!

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