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Dynamics 365 For Marketing February 2019 Update’s Biggest Winner: Customer Insights!

Mar 5, 2019 | Blog, Dynamics 365 Marketing Releases & Updates

You may have noticed some feature updates happening in your Dynamics 365 for Marketing environment this month. If you haven’t seen any changes yet, the February 2019 update 365 for marketing will soon be available for you to install. This update includes plenty of performance and stability improvements so that you can get the most out of this marketing platform. Microsoft is also releasing a few preview features that are scheduled to be included in the upcoming major release in April 2019.

So, what feature updates have us the most excited at Coffee + Dunn? Customer Insights! In the February update, Microsoft has improved usability, consistency, and discoverability of marketing results, insights, and KPIs reported throughout the application.

Improvements include:

  • Tooltips for all insights make it easy to find out what each result means
  • Insights are now shown on standard tabs rather than on separate form views, which enables users to find and compare the insights with related settings and other information for the same record
  • A new and consistent color scheme for interaction types helps users to identify related results
  • Standardized terminology helps users recognize similar results reported for different entity types
  • General improvements in design, groupings, navigation, and more—plus a few new insights for some entities

In addition to the numerous insight improvements, Microsoft also completely revamped their customer journey insights, with new insights that enable customers to see and find out exactly which contacts from a segment didn’t complete a journey and why. They have also changed the category and organization of customer journey insights to make it easier for you to categorize and analyze email results.  This ensures you’re getting the most from your marketing initiatives.

Furthermore, Microsoft provided us a sneak peek of what is to come in April: the in-app social posting feature! In the current preview version, posting to Twitter is supported, but there will be other social media channels added in April. This new feature will enable us to schedule and post messages to our social media accounts directly from your marketing app.

For more information regarding the February 2019 updates, including email marketing enhancements, form field additions, and improved image galleries, click here!